Japanese language, if you are not born to it, counts among the more difficult languages to study.  If you are bent on learning its nuances, you must first acquaint yourself with its alphabet and words which are poles apart from what we are familiar with.  Students new to the study of Japanese are usually apprehensive until they become familiar with how the language works.

The process for learning Japanese is the same as the process for learning any new language.  If you think of it this way, then you are on your way to mastering it. There are basic learning principles and strategies which may prove useful to learning Japanese.

First, repetition is important.  Learn words or phrases in Japanese and use every opportunity to use them.  Say these words as often as you can. As you constantly draw on your memory to come up with these words, they are constantly reinforced in your mind.  In time, your recall will improve and the Japanese words will automatically come to mind when you encounter the objects they refer to. With constant practice, you may even surprise yourself when you talk to a Japanese person in his language without even having to refer to a dictionary or to body language to communicate what you want to express.

Another useful technique for acquiring mastery of the Japanese language is to read Manga as often as you can.  Manga is a form of novel with illustrations and translations to make comprehension of the story easy. You will get used to how the Japanese write, which is from back to front of each book, and from right to left of each page, which is the exact opposite of how we write. Making a practice of reading Manga will familiarize you with the Japanese characters and what they stand for.  Although you may use Manga as a basic step to learn Japanese, you will be pleased to note that the content is meant for adults and therefore interesting to follow. Manga, and Anime for that matter, are very useful means of learning colloquial Japanese speech.

Another suggestion is to make use of the many audio CDs available which teach Japanese. Classroom learning with structured lessons and exercises is one way of learning.  But we must not overlook the benefits which come from learning through constant exposure without conscious intent. You may be waiting for someone else in a restaurant, lazing around sipping coffee, doing gardening, (you can even be taking a nap!) while listening to your Japanese CDs. Sooner or later, without you realizing it, your mind has absorbed all the words and phrases that you hear constantly repeated in the CDs. Recommended program is the rocket japanese. It has modules for newbie learners and a guide which is easy to follow. Audio lessons can be saved into your mp3 so you could listen to them anytime, anywhere. Same with Rocket Japanese, with rosetta stone japanese,  during times when the student has no access to a computer, he can still continue the process of learning correct Japanese pronunciation by merely listening to the CD.

Learning Japanese language is a definite advantage.  It can open doors to various exciting possibilities.  It can enrich relationships.  It can mean work and business opportunities. It can boost your self-esteem. And once, you have mastered the intricacies of the Japanese language, it can even motivate you to learn other Asian languages.  No one can argue against the benefits of studying a foreign language. It is without question a strong asset.